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Chengdu to grace harmful biological control co., LTD is a subsidiary to animal husbandry co., LTD., sichuan province, the company is the collection production, management was used, insecticides machinery and provide rodents, bombs, mosquitoes, flies, ants, fleas, mites, and other harmful organisms for the integration of professional technology company.We service clients include commercial enterprises, food companies, pharmaceutical companies, hotels, catering enterprises, factory area, logistics, warehousing, office buildings, residential property and other customers.And the many companies at home and abroad, manufacturers YaoXie agent.Supply channels, regular YaoXie quality is reliable.The company also has a branch of trained, experienced team.Not only to provide social prevention and control of the rat, bombs, mosquitoes, flies, ants, fleas, mites, harmful organisms such as technical advice and services, and who are interested in pest prevention and control and join, dealers provide training services, professional technology level increase rapidly.

Service object:
1. Hotel, the guesthouse, hotel, tourist attractions, retail, department stores, supermarkets, farmer's wholesale market), food processing, factories, farms, pet hospital, senior club, recreation will, in the community, individual families and various institutions, schools, kindergartens and hospitals rat pest control;
2. Airport, station, the train, bus), port, logistics, warehousing rat pest control;
3. The garden, grassland, crop pest control;
4. The Bridges, tunnels, power stations, DAMS, new buildings, ancient architectural structures, drain area pest management, etc.Public places, property management, community environment environmental disinfection;

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